Corporación Unión Cristal - IMA Limpia

Company overview
Headquarters: Colombia
Countries of Operations: Colombia
Women owned /led: Founded by at least one woman, At least 30% women in senior leadership positions, At least 30% of women in board of directors
Year of founding: 2021
Number of FTEs : 20 to 50 FTEs
Legal status of the organization : Non-profit

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Company overview
Headquarters: Mexico
Countries of Operations: Mexico
Legal status of the organization : For-profit
Year of founding: 2018
Number of FTEs : 5 to 20 FTEs
Women owned / led: Founder
Care economy activities and business model
About the organization:
IMA Limpia is a social enterprise administratively and operationally led by women who have served as domestic workers, perform cleaning, care, cooking, and washing jobs. These women are certified in the professionalization of domestic service and have access to social security and other benefits that improve their lives. Their priority is the human being, both within the organization and abroad, seeking a warm, responsible, and reliable service.
Activities in the care economy: Provision of technology & services that train/upskill domestic & care workers (e.g. technology that links employers to domestic/care workers), Provision of technology, services & policies/practice that improve condition for domestic & care worker (e.g. apps that calculate decent remuneration), Provision of affordable time and labour saving technology and products (e.g. product that makes washing, cooking more efficient), Provision of affordable services that provide care & domestic work (e.g. affordable daycare services in rural areas)
Stage of growth: Small scale roll-out/Early stage
Type of services: Infant-care (children younger than 1-year), Child-care (Ages 1 to 5), Child-care (Ages 6 and above), Elderly-care (Ages 60 and above), Domestic services, Labour saving solutions
Number of customers (2020): Non applicable
Number of customers (2019): Non applicable
Number of customers (2018): Non applicable
Profitability status: Not profitable yet but planning to become profitable within 3 years
Revenue USD (2020): Non applicable
Revenue USD (2019): Non applicable
Revenue USD (2018): Non applicable
Pathways to impact
Challenge addressed: Lack of recognition and action with regards to unfair distribution of care and domestic work (Recognize), Lack of affordable solutions to reduce amount of time spent on care and domestic work (Reduce), Lack of / poor remuneration for care and domestic workers (Reward)
Pathway to impact - 4 Rs: Recognize, Reduce, Reward
Populations affected: Unpaid care workers, Paid care workers, Unpaid domestic workers, Paid domestic workers, Infants or children, Elderly people
Number of people served (2020): 0
Number of people served (2019): 0
Number of people served (2018): 0