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The Care Economy Knowledge Hub aims to address the knowledge gap around care businesses by showcasing various business models and creating a resource base for relevant stakeholders. It also aims to raise awareness and increase knowledge of the state of impact-driven care economy business models and attract a broad range of funders to invest in care economy solutions by showcasing opportunities.

These business profiles are intended to showcase potential investment opportunities. They have been created from information and data provided by the business itself.

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AgeWatch Africa Foundation – Kenya: AgeWatch Africa is a nonprofit social enterprise whose mission is to provide high quality care to the elderly in rural Kenya.

Green Girls Organization – Cameroon: Green Girls Organization is a non-profit organization that trains women and girls across African rural communities on generating energy from the sun and waste.

Imvubu Proyects Pty Ltd trading as Hippo Roller – South Africa: Imvubu Projects is a for-profit enterprise trading as Hippo roller. The rollers are an appropriate technology solution designed for tough rural conditions where access to water and water infrastructure is unstable. 

Jazz Center Limited – Kenya: Jazza Centre is a for-profit social enterprise that trains and places domestic workers in Kenya.

Made To Clean Pvt Ltd – Zimbabwe: Made To Clean is a for-profit company that aims to standardize domestic work in Zimbabwe, by providing training and placements to domestic workers. 

The Baby Lounge – Nigeria : The Baby Lounge is a for-profit company that provides childcare services to parents of young children and training courses to childcare professionals.

The Mother Goose – Kenya: The Mother Goose is a community based organization that provides childcare and parenting solutions in Kenya.

Usafi Green Energy Limited – Kenya: Usafi Green Energy Limited is a for-profit company that manufactures and distributes cookstoves and biomass briquettes in Kenya. 


ATEC Biodigesters International (ATEC) – Bangladesh:  ATEC Biodigesters International (ATEC) is a for-profit entity that provides sustainable, affordable and accessible clean cooking products for base of the pyramid households in Bangladesh and Cambodia.

Fair Employment Foundation – Philippines: Fair Employment Foundation has hybrid model that consists of a social business and a registered charity. It has a recruitment agency that supports fair and transparent international migration of caregivers from the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Folia Water – Bangladesh: Folia Water Global Inc. is a for-profit enterprise that provides affordable and effective water filtration solutions to low-income communities that lack access to clean drinking water.

Hasu – Viet Nam: Hasu is a for-profit start-up that provides digital healthcare solutions for the elderly in Vietnam.

Kiidu – Thailand: Kiidu’s model empowers domestic workers and care givers with jobs and helps parents find personnel such as nannies, tutors, maids, senior caregivers, nurses and drivers in Thailand.

Komodo Water – Indonesia:  Komodo Water is a social enterprise that provides access to clean and affordable drinking water in small islands and remote coastal areas of Indonesia.

Latin America

aeioTU – Colombia: aeioTU is a social enterprise that works with public and private actors to provide high-quality, comprehensive care and education to children throughout Colombia.

Assita -Colombia:  Asistta is a Colombian platform that connects health professionals with users who require home services, medicine administration, physiotherapy, respiratory therapy, psychological services, nutrition, speech therapy, and nursing. Around 90% of its workforce are women.

Best Care – Uruguay: Best Care is a for-profit enterprise that makes health care and wellbeing services accessible to all segments of the population in Latin America, regardless of income, age or health condition.

Corporación Unión Cristal – IMA Limpia – Colombia: IMA Limpia is a social enterprise administratively and operationally led by women who have served as domestic workers, perform cleaning, care, cooking, and washing jobs.

Hadas – Peru: Hadas is a for profit digital platform that allows its customers to book hourly cleaning services according to their needs.

Hogaru – Colombia:  Hogaru is a digital platform that provides housekeeping, cafeteria and childcare services in Colombia.

Lazarillo -Chile: Lazarillo is a Chilean app that helps people with visual disabilities to improve their independence with information on their routes to access physical or digital services.

LivUp – Chile:  LivUp is dedicated to prolonging and protecting the vitality of the elderly. This Chilean platform promotes prevention to decrease the need for intensive care.

Symplifica – Colombia: Symplifica is an innovative platform that seeks to provide social security and extralegal benefits to domestic workers and nannies. 

Tierra Grata – Colombia: Tierra Grata is a for-profit social enterprise that develops and implements energy, water, and sanitation solutions for rural villages in Colombia.

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