We reviewed over 200 businesses worldwide*, and have identified over 175 businesses operating in the care economy across Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia who met the following 4 criteria: 
1- Geography focus: operating in project target countries.
2- Care economy impact: business activities recognize, reduce, reward or redistribute care work.
3- Proof of concept: care economy activities at least at the launch stage (none of the businesses are at concept stage).
4- Market-based intervention: already or planning to be financially profitable or to generate income in the medium term.
Most of the selected businesses operate in the regions and countries of focus, however some of them are present in other countries as well.

* Disclaimer: The data presented in the business mapping is based on information provided by the businesses and has not been independently verified

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Website: nannyfy.com
Headquarters: Spain

Country of Operations: Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Argentina, Chile, other Latin America countries
Women owned / led: Founded by at least one woman
About the organization: Nannyfy is a platform guided by “nannies” that promote learning in children to assist parents through digital content. Nannyfy allows parents to offer an interactive and exciting experience for their children from 3 to 12 years of age with live videos that stimulate kids´ learning skills. Nannyfy´s services also include enterprises’ solutions to implement corporate activities with families and their children, among others.
Stage of Growth: Established/Mature
Types of Services: Infant-care (children younger than 1-year), Child-care (Ages 1 to 5), Child-care (Ages 6 and above)
Activities in the care economy: Provision of affordable services that provide care & domestic work (e.g. affordable daycare services in rural areas)
Pathway to impact: Reduce