We reviewed over 200 businesses worldwide*, and have identified over 165 businesses operating in the care economy across Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia who met the following 4 criteria: 
1. Geography focus: operating in project target countries.
2. Care economy impact: business activities recognize, reduce, reward or redistribute care work.
3. Proof of concept: care economy activities at least at the launch stage (none of the businesses are at concept stage).
4. Market-based intervention: already or planning to be financially profitable or to generate income in the medium term.

Out of the mapping we selected 60 businesses to conduct a full profile and showcase potential investment opportunities. These profiles have been created from information and data provided by the business itself. Use the filter on the left to access the businesses profiled.

* Disclaimer: The data presented in the business mapping and profiles is based on information provided by the businesses and has not been independently verified

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Headquarters: Colombia

Country of Operations: Colombia
Women owned / led: Founded by at least one woman, At least 51% owned by women, At least 30% women in senior leadership positions, At least 30% of women in board of directors
About the organization: The company brings solutions for the supply and demand of the care economy sector. They offer elderly care, care for people with illnesses or disabilities, childcare, and domestic services while addressing formalization challenges of care workers. Simultaneously, the organization positively impacts women’s employment, providing them with opportunities to get social protection and fair rewards. This model is suitable for women who might need flexible jobs. They also receive training and can monitor their progress through a platform that uses gamification techniques.
Stage of Growth: Launch/Pilot
Types of Services: Infant-care (children younger than 1-year), Child-care (Ages 1 to 5), Child-care (Ages 6 and above), Elderly-care (Ages 60 and above), Care for persons with special needs (disabled / differently abled persons), Care for people with illnesses, Domestic services
Activities in the care economy: Provision of technology & services that train/upskill domestic & care workers (e.g. technology that links employers to domestic/care workers), Provision of technology, services & policies/practice that improve condition for domestic & care worker (e.g. apps that calculate decent remuneration), Provision of affordable services that provide care & domestic work (e.g. affordable daycare services in rural areas), Awareness raising on the care economy through marketing, information campaigns & programmes that raise awareness & increase motivation
Pathway to impact: Reward

Comfort the aged

Headquarters: Ghana

Country of Operations: Ghana
Women owned / led: Information not available
About the organization: Based in Ghana, Comfort For the Aged is a for-profit aged-care home facility that aims to provide care to the elderly and the infirm. It provides at-home services including meal preparation, medication reminders, housekeeping/home management, grocery shopping and errands, thus it reduces the burden on family members, especially women.
Stage of Growth: Launch/Pilot
Types of Services: Elderly-care (Ages 60 and above)
Activities in the care economy: Provision of affordable services that provide care & domestic work
Pathway to impact: Reduce

Washly BD

Website: washlybd.com
Headquarters: Bangladesh

Country of Operations: Bangladesh
Women owned / led: None
About the organization: Washly BD is a for-profit entity that provides laundry services to urban households in Bangladesh. Customers can use online platform or the app to request for laundry pick-ups that are delivered within 24 hours. Washly BD’s services reduce the burden of washing, drying and ironing clothes, bulk of which is undertaken by women.
Stage of Growth: Launch/Pilot
Types of Services: Domestic services, Labor saving solutions
Activities in the care economy: Provision of affordable services that provide care & domestic work
Pathway to impact: Reduce